How to Win Fortnite on a MacBook Pro

Hey how’s, it going Dave 2d here, so I don’t play Fortnite very often, if I’m playing games at all, It’s usually overwatch, but on the MacBook There’s no overwatch client at least not a native one. So the game that I play the most on my MacBook is actually Fortnite, But there’s a problem. It runs really poorly on their best MacBook Pro. So this is their 15-inch 2017 model Radeon pro 560, It’s decked out, but it just runs really poorly at really low settings.

You can get near 60 frames per second, But there’s a lot of stutter, there’s stutter when you jump out of the bus, there’s starter when you’re in combat It’s just not a very good gaming experience. I don’t know. Macs aren’t ideal for gaming anyways, but Fortnite isn’t a particularly demanding game. It just still runs really poorly on the MacBook Pro, but then this came in the mail.

This is the gigabyte gaming box, It’s their new external GPU built specifically for MacBooks, and it cranks up the graphical power of your Thunderbolt, 3 equipped MacBook Pro So it’ll work with the 15-inch, the 13-inch and even the iMac on the 15-inch model. It’Ll bump it up by like double on the 13-inch, It will bump it up Even more depending on the 13-inch model you have. So this box is literally the smallest External GPU. I’Ve ever used it’s running an Rx 580 and because of the new Mac OS 10.13.4. The connection is Really easy to set up. It’S literally plug-and-play you plug it in There’s no setup.

There’S no drivers, There’s no reboot, even it just works right off the bag. When you connect it a few seconds later and Icon appears at the top of the screen. Saying that an external GPU is connected And that’s it and when it’s connected, you get a very Significant improvement in performance for something like Fortnite so before, because the framerate spiked, because it was actually very difficult to play properly in Fortnite. But now with the gaming box, You can get well over 60 frames per second on casino cruise.

Now, if I tweak the settings a bit, I could keep viewing Distance maxed out, while keeping all the visual fluff down, and I could still float around 70 to 80 frames per second one thing to keep in mind, though Fortnite does run better in Windows games in General are just better optimized for Windows and even for a huge developer like epic, the Mac OS client has lower frame rates than the Windows client with the same kind of hardware. Now, obviously, this isn’t for everyone. If you have a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop, Then you don’t need any of this stuff to play Fortnite or any game for that matter.

But if your Mac user, if you’re kind of required to use it for work or if you prefer Mac OS, This is a very viable option. It goes for six hundred dollars, You get the enclosure, the GPU a carrying case and all the cables and stuff, and the power supply in here is 450 watts, so it can easily handle charging your macbook pro while it’s connected even the 15 inch one – and it’s Also, a big enough Power supply that, if you wanted to in the future, you could probably upgrade the GPU provided that that new GPU fit in here. So a few other things to note Mac OS supports multiple external GPUs. So if your device has enough lanes like the 15-inch MacBook Pro, this thing can handle two external GPUs. The other thing I’m seeing is that there’s no bootcamp support, I don’t know if it’s coming.

I hope it is but at launch we’re not seeing official support And we’re also not seeing the ability to use the built-in laptop display – and this took me a while to figure out It’s right in the documentation. But if you don’t have an external monitor plugged into that external GPU, this setup won’t work right now It does require it. The other thing is that there’s no nvidia card support. So if you want to swap this thing out with an nvidia card, it won’t work at least not officially.

There’S work around some stuff like that. But if you want easy mode, It’s got to be an AMD card. Now, There’s one other issue: That’s a little more prominent!

It’S the fact that software support is relatively limited right now. This still does not work with Finalcut. So that’s Apple’s, video editing program. This connection does not work in Finalcut and I’m also having issues getting this to work in Adobe, Premiere, It’ll load up, but the moment I drop in footage, There’s an error. Now I am pretty confident that over time the support is going to improve quite a bit, but it’s just kind of weird to see Apple put out an Official release for this thing, while still being the kind of half-baked for a lot of their services.

So a couple other things to note: The noise levels on this thing are really quiet obviously depends on how close you keep this box to you, But at 2 or 3 feet away. It’S a very comfortable noise level, And I also think that the value of this $ 600 box is not bad. Like a lot of external GPU cases are quite expensive. We’Ve seen some cases that are like five six hundred bucks just for the case itself. This is 600, it includes the GPU includes, like all the hardware, that you need to make the whole thing work and there’s Upgradability right, not just for the card and stuff.

But if you want to upgrade your laptop in the future, you still going to have Thunderbolt 3 ports in the future, like there’s just A path of upgradeability, which I like to see in something like this. So external GPUs are pretty viable for macbook pros right now, And the supports are is going to get better over time. All right Hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs if you liked it subs, if you loved it and here’s some Fortnite footage, There’s actually.