History of Online Bingo

All around the world there are accounts of people playing a variety of different games in which they wager for a chance to win resources, this is a big part of world history. However, it would be fair to say that few games have had quite the same impact on the globe that bingo has because even in its earliest form back in 15th Century Italy, the game was very popular very fast as a national lottery that is still played in that land today. There are very few games that developed in so many different countries, but bingo can count itself lucky to have been incubated in not only Italy, but France, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom. It is the US where bingo was really shaped into the form that it is today recognized as. This is due to the hard work for a sales man called Edwin Lowe who only discovered bingo by total accident at a carnival in the US state of Georgia while he was on vacation. Mister Lowe instantly understood that if a game could draw that many rabid fans at a small traveling country carnival then it might have a wider application, too, so he took it upon himself to go back to his native New York City and develop a version of the game that he could sell to folks who wanted to run their own bingo games. He started out printing up cards with the help of a math whiz and before long he had a small industry going. It was no surprise that bingo took hold, but what was surprising was how in just over fifty years, bingo went from a great idea to a billion dollar a year industry.

How did this happen? Easy, three words: world wide web. The web was the first step in the global ascension of bingo as a popular past time and it did not take long at all for this game to grab on in the UK which is where it would be thrown so far up into the stratosphere that no one could predict the media frenzy that would take place when web sites started giving away hundred thousand pound prizes to local UK players.