Alright guys, let’s do this. Remember we have a better chance of winning if we stick together. Yeah teamwork makes the dream work, baby (broken and echo-ey) Hey guys, what’s up! Dude, kid, turn that music down What?

Your music’s too loud! What? What are you talking about, guys? Stop screaming into the mic What?

Just kick him Honey did they kick you out again? (still broken and echo-ey) Yeah mom. No one wants to be my friend, I don’t know why! Did you try playing heavy metal music in the background like I suggested? Yes. Every.

Gamer. Ever. Babe, dinner’s ready! Can’t right now babe, I finally met a player who is my total equal His competence, dexterity and skill are rivalled only by my own And after 28 years of gameplay, I could finally say I found my perfect nemesis and his name Is darkrider57 Well played, darkrider Well played. Honey, dinner’s ready!

Can’t right now, mom. I’m kicking the shit out of some shitty old shit guy. Does anyone still play snake?

Ugh, Jesus Christ. All these triple-a titles are so mindless and repetitive. Can anyone make anything original anymore? Well, back to Candy Crush I guess. Made a match. Made a match.

Oh nice, three in a row. That’s a match. Nice.

Made a match. Fallout’s better than Elder Scrolls! You take that back! Yo, you wanna play some Smash Bros ? Uh, not really because you always rage quit. I won’t this time.

You won’t? I will not rage quit. Do you promise? I promise.

Do you promise though? I promise though. But do you promise? I promise!

Solemnly swear? I promise to solemnly swear. Okay. THIS GAME SUCKS! It’s stupid! It’s broken!

Controller doesn’t work! It’s dumb! Super dumb! Hey guys, I’m gonna be streaming in about 15. From the maker of last year’s best reviewed indie game, Blank White Screen, comes his new game, Immovable Dot.

Are there any other graphics? Just the dot. What does it do? Nothing. How do you win? You can’t.

When’s it over? Never. What does it mean?

Everything and nothing. *Smashes Screen* 11 out of 10 stars! Master piece! -Game of the Year!

Never forget Dreamcast. Son, you need to put down those video games and focus on your homework or you’re gonna become a homeless bum! Okay.

Well, I just won a major eSports tournament I get paid $200,000 a month streaming. I get laid every 28 hours on the dot and I just bought this house so you have to move out Bye-bye Wow Guess I learned a valuable lesson about parenting children in 2018. Dad. I’m dropping out of high school to become a fashion blogger Well, apparently I don’t understand anything about this world anymore. So I say go for it.

Thanks, I will I’m gonna go live in a box now Okay So I know this is Limited Too, but vintage. Ah, the disc is scratched. Haha. Just kidding I downloaded it I did it finally after 2,000 hours of gameplay I perfectly completed Skyrim.

Every main quest, every side quest, collected every potion, weapon, and armor. Maxed out every skill and level, became the leader of every guild, smash herd every dragon shout and spell. And Decorated my home with every piece of pottery and silverware from the realm. And now I feel empty again Time to start over. Every. Gamer.

Ever. *Beep Beep* Made a match. Made a match. *Beep Beep* You sure?

-I’m sure. (Slurred) Are you sure? -I’m sure (Even more slurred)Are you sure?

-I’m super sure (Overlapping and slurred) Are you sure? -I’m sup- I’m super sure (Normal) Okay -Great -I’m on the phone with my mom!- Okay! -Mom, mom! I want Del Taco- -Gimme Del Taco- This game! It sucks. And you always plays Fox and that’s not fair cuz nobody can beat Fox Nobody can beat Fox!

Not even if I play as Marth and I use the move, the move over and over again. It doesn’t work! (Ian)Thank you guys so much for watching this video and if you want to watch more, guess what there’s two videos on the screen right now that you can click.

The one on the left is 1998 verse 2018 -(Courtney) Ya then another good one is Video Game Items in Real Life 3 It’s on the right. Click that box on the right or the left -(Ian) or the left, whichever one yous feel (Slurring “Which ever one one you want”) The internet’s free gain It’s free