According to recent statistics 20% of India’s youth is addicted to the internet the word “addicted” is of course not very favorable to Dr. Samir Parikh who’s sitting with me. Addiction to internet, online gaming to pornography maybe even to social media can be addictive and can be an addiction. I just feel we need not use the word addiction in a lose manner where regular usage or is over diagnosed or over used by adults especially when it comes to teenagers ‘oh you know my sons addicted to TV or oh my sons addicted to online streaming’ that may not be the right word because addiction is a more scientific word there is no debate around the fact we all should be concerned about our increasing dependence on digital communication, on gadgets, our increased indoor time spending and increased social media usage.

To me as a mental health person, especially working with children or adolescents, it’s a major concern but then addiction also has a clearer and different context in terms of a mental illness. Let me help you understand how would I see addiction? So addiction would be that you are using something more than what you should. You almost realize that you are doing that, sometimes you also have this understanding that I want to reduce it, you try and reduce it but you aren’t able to because when you are not doing that you feel a withdrawal, craving, which can be both psychological as well as physiological and when you take it back in, you feel better, which makes you use it more and more. On top of that it takes over important aspects of your life, your social relationships, your physical health, maybe your sleep and appetite, your work and studies, where this becomes the fulcrum of your life around which everything is revolving and other consequences of your life which are happening they don’t bother you, that’s addiction.

There is a significant increase of gadgets and social media, the digital world by almost everybody adults themselves are using it a lot more its not merely the availability of a smartphone or an internet that’s happened to the child. What’s also happened is that outdoor activities have got compromised, what’s also happened is that families have got smaller, what’s also happened is that interface and interaction between generations is also reduced, what’s also happened is that the same phone or social media or internet gives access to a lot of things, irrespective whether this childs age and whats the content, is there an appropriateness and correlation happening or not, that also has happened. So what are my options, my options are not taking the phone away, options are not switching it off, because in any case children are more intelligent than us, they will find a way around it. My options are, I need to give skills, empower, media literacy at the same time encourage a good balanced life and give the right stimulation based on the childs interest and aptitude so that children can explore, we need them to explore their creativity, sports, physical activity as well as develop social skills and social skills are not going to come by reading a book on how to make friends. Doc it is said that every generation finds their addiction, so if it is not this it will be something else and its also like you mentioned there are social factors that also encourage these addictions.

We are talking about 8 and a half hours of screen time, binge watching, online gaming, what can a parent do? Again put the context of duration with regularity as well, keeping awake till 4am or 5am, I’m barely able to keep awake, I don’t do my homework, I don’t do my tests, I don’t meet my friends. Every evening when im supposed to play football or badminton or cricket, I would rather sit back and do this, now that’s the difference and I do that regularly, then it starts affecting my health, my appetite, my sleep, my academic performance, my relationship with my friends, my fun, my joy, my happiness – please understand the difference. So everybody who was getting up to see the episodes of the recently concluded series, some of the adults working in my team, were getting up early in the morning because they just had to see the episode as it was released I’m included in that I find the comedy in that because that’s not addiction, you are just being silly, you are waking up to see a fiction show, but would you call that an addiction It’s not an addiction Precisely so that’s what I said don’t look at one episode, don’t look at one duration So tell me in your experience, are there people who are getting in their children for gadget addiction, are they blowing it out of proportion, is my other question? I think adults are surely overreacting to the usage of gadgets by children, no doubt about it. I also simultaneously believe that children are using gadgets a lot more than I’d be comfortable about and yet I am not using the word addiction for most of this because I feel that we as adults have created an environment which is making these gadgets the most attractive, accessible way to pass time and do things and we’ve made it socially acceptable, the fact that we even use the word social media influencers is reflective of our times.

I’ve seen this 17 year old boy who was brought to me and who had a clear cut online gaming addiction. This boy would not even use at home but would go to those small little parlors, internet cafes and would typically spend 8-10 hours almost every day doing online gaming and would get very irritable if he was asked not to do it, would either skip school or dose of at school, sometimes skip meals because wouldn’t leave that game, I’ll leave after 10 minutes, after 20 minutes, I can’t leave now, can’t leave now, would forget about eating for a few hours, drastically lost a couple of kgs of weight, academics performance came down, friends tried to come and take him out, wouldn’t go out, so that’s addiction. So how do you treat that? Like any other medical problem, in this particular case, you look at the behavioral therapy, gradually start shaping his behavior, simultaneously brining in environmental change, look at all utilize all the support systems and in some cases use medication depending upon what are the other core morbid factors, depressive features, anxiety, insomnia so on and so forth. Because it can lead to anxiety, it can lead to It can be associated with it, so you look at that as well.

I’ve seen another young executive, 26-27 who came to me with pornographic usage in a similar manner, had lost two jobs because could not control the urge to see pornographic images at work place. Very similar aspects, would not sleep, at the cost of sleep, cost of going out, would prefer being on the net watching pornography rather than going out with friends, started losing friends but that stopped mattering and once 2-3 jobs were lost and wasn’t getting a job, and then realized is there something and the reason to come to me was that I’m losing jobs and when he came to me he did not realize that there could be a relation. Internet porn, are we underplaying it because the addiction is so rampant, its easily accessible and you are reaching out to a section of society that does not even understand what they are seeing? I don’t think it’s about underplaying or overplaying, I think it’s about acceptance. Are we accepting that there is a problem with internet porn addiction?

I think we are not accepting the fact that our gadget usage need to be give a serious thought. When 4-5 members living in one house talk to each other through a text on a whatsapp group That’s a problem and its happening That’s the concern, is there a concern around gadgets absolutely and without a doubt. Is there a concern around the nature of social media, absolutely, I have an issue with the content, I have a major issue with nature of trolling and cyber bullying that’s happening, I think it’s very unfortunate, I have a problem with fake news and fake information, it hurts the society’s thought process, especially when young people in their informative years are passed on information which is completely incorrect. I come from mental health, we’ve taken the brunt of stigma, faulty information and its been propagated for generations that even today people have faulty information about mental health. How it is also changing the way we look at ourselves, when young people look at how many likes they got, when they start looking at am I a part of this group or not, they need to photo shop, or selfie, click 20 of them and pick one of them and see which one can I put as a display picture, have I changed it often enough, so on and so forth.

So yes there are concerns, similarly pornography is a concern. Pornography is an addiction? Yes exposure to pornography to children in early formative years, how it shapes their thought process around the concept of sexuality, we will still probably realize in years to come, so that’s a concern. I see very regularly, couples who come to me, because one or the other partners’ pornographic usage created a problem. How? From one partner considering it as a form of infidelity and the other not.

These are individual views here, there is no right or wrong here, because when it comes to a relationship its more about matching your views and beliefs, you know. I recently saw this 37-38 year old man who clearly told me that my sexual relationship with my spouse has changed because I’d much rather watch porn. One believes that watching pornography, is okay I just occasionally see it, how does it matter, but I will not tell my spouse and then when the spouse finds out then its ‘are you hiding, is there more’, so its starts a vicious circle, so one needs to look at it at various levels and then people coming and there you have an individual whose lost jobs because he’ not able to control the impulse, at the cost of social outing, outdoor activity, social engagement, sleep, is so much addicted that not seeing gives restless withdrawals, seeing makes you feel better, then it almost becomes the only key thing that you do. We can’t be judgmental about whether its right, wrong, good or bad, that’s not the point here.

The thing is there are concerns around pornography, especially the access of pornography to children, I don’t think most of us have solutions to it, so let’s say you have a team probably, an occasional use of pornography, a lot of times, what you watch also not always real, it’s an enactment, sometimes not even scientifically possible kind of stuff, it may also shape your attitude, belief and views about sexuality by the mere exposure of what you are seeing, and you may feel that that’s a norm which is okay to explore, which may not be the case and my actually end up affecting your future relationships. This is very important porn is not sex and sex is not always porn, it’s never porn But if you are a younger person, exposure or regular exposure to porn may shape your sexual exploration as an adult also. And how does that impact your relationships because that’s not always possible? Precisely my point and that’s the concern, that’s where pornography needs to be looked in the context.

It’s not about the morality, the right, wrong, just forget that, that’s not even important. Children, adolescents, adults based on the nature of their usage, how it affects their relationship, does it affect their relationship or not needs to be also understood. And addiction would be an addiction, where it becomes the core thing that you are doing at the cost of everything else. Most of these aspects that we have discussed, whether it be social media, whether it is cyber bullying, whether it is gadget usage, whether it is pornography, I think it comes down to media literacy.

Powering young people with media literacy, where they learn to ask questions, ‘what I’m seeing is it true or not, is it fake, who is benefitted by this, who is paid to do this’. Second is parents need to be very, very aware about ensuring that communication with their children, gives children the confidence to talk to parents. You use your safety mechanism, especially for younger children because of the nature of access, easy accessibility is there and there are continuous conversations that we can have.

So if parents want to make an impact, they would have to look at their own usage of the gadgets in the digital world, which I think is very important. Dinner time, if you are on your phone or a laptop or television or something like that, then you are telling children that this is an okay thing to do. Monkey see monkey do Absolutely The importance of critical thinking because a parent can’t be there everywhere, so the ability of the child to understand, this is not right for me because its affecting my life that much, because it may impair me as an individual. Its important for kids to understand, communication between parents, communication between parents and children is very important, again we are stressing this over and over again Conversations in schools which are very important.

I think somewhere our education system needs to find a little more space to be able to discuss the more real issues and life skills, beyond trigonometry and differentials and history dates. I think a lot of schools are doing that Yes but it needs to become across the board and we need to value it because a lot of influence that happens on young people, happens through the peer community and through media. When a person realizes that they are addicted either to porn or an online gaming hat can they do? Your life is more important, you have to talk to someone.

If you feel the hesitation to talk to a family member or a relative, walk into an experts’ clinic. Confidentiality in any case is going to be there whenever you walk into any professionals chamber, taking the right intervention, there is no substitute for that. Sitting at home by yourself may not always work. And this is very important the whole confidentiality thing I think one of the safest places are when you are in a therapists or psychiatrists chamber because its one place where you will not be judged and whatever you shared will not be shared with somebody else, that’s just a part of the ethics And parents need to respect that as well Yes Well on that note, thank you very much, we barely touched the tip of the iceberg, we will be having more discussions on all kinds of addictions, specially related to gadgets, but thank you very much for this insight.

Thank you!

The Razer Phone 2 – The Gaming Phone, Done Right

– Hey guys, this is Austin. The Razer Phone 2 is official and it takes everything that was good about the original and brings it up a notch. With the added benefit of not having a notch. (funky music) The original Razer Phone was a polarizing device. What it did well, it did really well.

What didn’t work though, was basically a deal breaker. The highlight last year was the 5.7 inch 1440p IGZO display. What made this so good for gaming wasn’t just the pure size of the display or the quality, but the frame rate.

As opposed to basically every other smartphone out there which is capped at 60 frames per second, the Razer Phone can go all the way up to 120 fps and that continues with the Razer Phone 2. The 120 hertz panel carries over this year, but with some key improvements, most notably brightness. The last year’s panel actually was a good, solid, accurate display but it just didn’t get all that bright. Thankfully that is something that has been improved with the Razer Phone 2, with up to 50% more brightness. Now mind you, when we were able to try it on our brief hands-on the difference wasn’t massive, but it is definitely going to be at least somewhat brighter than year. The fluidity is just as impressive as it was last year with a full 120 hertz refresh rate everything is buttery-smooth, not just games.

The UON itself is one of the most noticeable things when you’re doing something simple like scrolling through a webpage or some email. The closest competitor is actually the iPad Pros with ProMotion, it’s a very similar feeling with that 120 hertz refresh rate. It’s really something that you kind of have to see to really understand. What’s kind of interesting is that the game support actually is a little bit more hit and miss. On the Android side, a lot of titles only hit around 30 frames per second, much less 60 or even 120. But a fair amount of games are becoming optimized for that higher refresh rate, either with running with unlocked frame rates or with running with some kind of higher mode that will at least target something like 90 fps.

When it does support it, it makes a big difference. But the issue is that a lot of games don’t even come close, but I guess the harbor is there? My actual favorite feature though, are the speakers. Note the Razer Phone 1, which you got were two incredibly loud, incredibly detailed speakers and that carries over to the Razer Phone 2 but with some key upgrades.

Unlike most of the phones with dual speakers, such as the iPhone which takes advantage of the earpiece as well as the bottom-firing speaker. Don’t get me wrong that does sound good, but with having two huge proper speakers aimed directly at your face, it makes a big difference. It’s really straight forward, the Razer Phone has the best speakers on any smartphone, period. Not only are they rich and detailed, but a big part of it is the stereo separation. It is further helped by the fact that it does have Dolby 5.1 Surround Support which is weird because there are two speakers, but if you move past that what you’re getting is something that does give you some real presence.

Music and videos sound good but it’s especially noticeable in games. So specifically with PUBG you can really tell where people are around you purely using the speakers which is really impressive. The only downside to the whole audio setup is that we still don’t have a headphone jack, which would be nice on the ultimate gaming phone. At least there’s a good dongle in the box? The screen speakers were really the strong suit of the original Razer Phone and it’s nice to see that they’ve been at least somewhat enhanced for this new version and that’s going to definitely be a trend.

It is a very similar phone of the original Razer Phone, just improved in some not so subtle ways. The problem with the OG was that while it was a good gaming phone it really wasn’t good for much beyond that. There’s no water resistance, no wireless charging, the screen was a little bit dim in daylight, and the biggest issue was that the camera was straight up abysmal. Now credit where credit’s due, they have improved the camera quite a bit with firmware updates but there’s only so much you can do with the hardware that’s included, which is where the Razer Phone 2 comes in.

Thankfully they’ve stepped up the game with new Sony sensors, improved optics for both the standard as well as telephoto cameras, and a fully rewritten software stacked from the ground up to better take advantage of photos that are not crunchy and terrible. The phone I tried wasn’t running final software, so I’m not able to share the images that I took on it but it was a big improvement over the original Razer Phone. Now note it probably won’t compete the iPhones and the Pixels and the Galaxys of the world, but at the very least it should be a usable camera which is very nice in your expensive flagship gaming phone.

That is a big deal when you’re spending this kind of money you should expect no compromises. So one of the additions this year is full IP67 water resistance. Now that’s actually kind of impressive considering just how huge the speakers are.

It’s not easy to waterproof something like that. There’s also a new glass back which supports wireless charging at up to 15 watts. Speaking of the glass back while the overall dimensions of the Razer Phone are very similar, there is a revolutionary new feature this year, an RGB Chroma Razer logo. Yes, it actually isn’t as bad as it might seem. So you can, of course turn it fully off and the colors are, not only going to be full RGB, but fairly subtle. It kind of looks more like a colored logo than a bright, flashy gamer logo, gamer logo, gamer logo.

Unlike other gaming phones the Razer Phone’s design is fairly subdued. Now sure, it doesn’t have the same sort of flash as the RG phone but a lot of people, myself included, probably would prefer something that’s just a little bit more subtle. The rest of the specs are good, but nothing all that crazy. You’ve got the Snapdragon 845 paired with 8 gigabytes of RAM, 64 gigs of storage expandable via MicroSD, as well as a big 4,000 milli-Ampere-hour battery. The only thing that’s really remarkable is the vapor-chamber cooling.

Unlike a lot of other water-cooled smartphones, which have a tiny little heat pipe, Razer instead opted to go for a nearly full-size vapor chamber which goes directly on top of the processor. How much of a difference this make remains to be seen, but it does make a big difference when it comes to gaming for long sessions when you don’t wanna throttle down til half your normal clock speed like some other smart phones. The Razer Phone really did kick off the gaming phone trend something I don’t think is going anywhere, anytime soon.

But the real question, as it was last year, is do you actually need a gaming phone? Take a look at the PC space for example, there’s a very clear need for gaming-focused hardware. Sure you can play some games on an Ultrabook but it’s not going to be anywhere near the experience of playing something with proper CPU and especially proper dedicated graphics. On the mobile side though, that need is there but the actual hardware really hasn’t caught up.

When you consider that the $800 Razer Phone has the same spec as a $400 POCO phone, sure the Razer Phone might not throttle quite as much but the overall experience, not counting the screen, the speakers, the actual performance itself isn’t going to be massively different. All that being said, the Razor Phone 1 had a ton of potential but some major drawbacks, whereas the Razor Phone 2 can be really summed up very simply, it is a refinement of that original design and it really is what the Razor Phone 1 should have been. That $800 price though, means that this is squarely up against the high-end flagships of the world. The main question for me is going to be the camera, I really don’t think it’s going to match up to the very, very high-end stuff like the Pixels and the Galaxys. But as long as it is decent enough, I think that’ll be good enough for most people, but the difference between good enough and great is a huge one in this space right now. The real elephant in the room right now is the ROG Phone.

On paper it does have some superior specs in some ways, it does have the headphone jack, some additional accessories, and that 90 Hertz OLED display. I would like to think that the Razer Phone and ROG would be a good head-to-head comparison, but until the ROG Phone comes out it’s really hard to nail that down. There’s no doubt that the Razor Phone 2 is a big step forward with that high-refresh rate display, the loud speakers, and the solid performance it should be a real winner if you’re into gaming. But I’m really curious, what do you guys think about the concept of the gaming phone? Is it really worth the extra money? (funky music)


Alright guys, let’s do this. Remember we have a better chance of winning if we stick together. Yeah teamwork makes the dream work, baby (broken and echo-ey) Hey guys, what’s up! Dude, kid, turn that music down What?

Your music’s too loud! What? What are you talking about, guys? Stop screaming into the mic What?

Just kick him Honey did they kick you out again? (still broken and echo-ey) Yeah mom. No one wants to be my friend, I don’t know why! Did you try playing heavy metal music in the background like I suggested? Yes. Every.

Gamer. Ever. Babe, dinner’s ready! Can’t right now babe, I finally met a player who is my total equal His competence, dexterity and skill are rivalled only by my own And after 28 years of gameplay, I could finally say I found my perfect nemesis and his name Is darkrider57 Well played, darkrider Well played. Honey, dinner’s ready!

Can’t right now, mom. I’m kicking the shit out of some shitty old shit guy. Does anyone still play snake?

Ugh, Jesus Christ. All these triple-a titles are so mindless and repetitive. Can anyone make anything original anymore? Well, back to Candy Crush I guess. Made a match. Made a match.

Oh nice, three in a row. That’s a match. Nice.

Made a match. Fallout’s better than Elder Scrolls! You take that back! Yo, you wanna play some Smash Bros ? Uh, not really because you always rage quit. I won’t this time.

You won’t? I will not rage quit. Do you promise? I promise.

Do you promise though? I promise though. But do you promise? I promise!

Solemnly swear? I promise to solemnly swear. Okay. THIS GAME SUCKS! It’s stupid! It’s broken!

Controller doesn’t work! It’s dumb! Super dumb! Hey guys, I’m gonna be streaming in about 15. From the maker of last year’s best reviewed indie game, Blank White Screen, comes his new game, Immovable Dot.

Are there any other graphics? Just the dot. What does it do? Nothing. How do you win? You can’t.

When’s it over? Never. What does it mean?

Everything and nothing. *Smashes Screen* 11 out of 10 stars! Master piece! -Game of the Year!

Never forget Dreamcast. Son, you need to put down those video games and focus on your homework or you’re gonna become a homeless bum! Okay.

Well, I just won a major eSports tournament I get paid $200,000 a month streaming. I get laid every 28 hours on the dot and I just bought this house so you have to move out Bye-bye Wow Guess I learned a valuable lesson about parenting children in 2018. Dad. I’m dropping out of high school to become a fashion blogger Well, apparently I don’t understand anything about this world anymore. So I say go for it.

Thanks, I will I’m gonna go live in a box now Okay So I know this is Limited Too, but vintage. Ah, the disc is scratched. Haha. Just kidding I downloaded it I did it finally after 2,000 hours of gameplay I perfectly completed Skyrim.

Every main quest, every side quest, collected every potion, weapon, and armor. Maxed out every skill and level, became the leader of every guild, smash herd every dragon shout and spell. And Decorated my home with every piece of pottery and silverware from the realm. And now I feel empty again Time to start over. Every. Gamer.

Ever. *Beep Beep* Made a match. Made a match. *Beep Beep* You sure?

-I’m sure. (Slurred) Are you sure? -I’m sure (Even more slurred)Are you sure?

-I’m super sure (Overlapping and slurred) Are you sure? -I’m sup- I’m super sure (Normal) Okay -Great -I’m on the phone with my mom!- Okay! -Mom, mom! I want Del Taco- -Gimme Del Taco- This game! It sucks. And you always plays Fox and that’s not fair cuz nobody can beat Fox Nobody can beat Fox!

Not even if I play as Marth and I use the move, the move over and over again. It doesn’t work! (Ian)Thank you guys so much for watching this video and if you want to watch more, guess what there’s two videos on the screen right now that you can click.

The one on the left is 1998 verse 2018 -(Courtney) Ya then another good one is Video Game Items in Real Life 3 It’s on the right. Click that box on the right or the left -(Ian) or the left, whichever one yous feel (Slurring “Which ever one one you want”) The internet’s free gain It’s free

Free Video Games

Video games seem to be getting more and more expensive all the time and for most of us there’s just no way that we can keep up with buying new games to keep up with it all. But that’s fine because believe it or not, there’s a bunch of games out there that have been released completely for free. Don’t count these free games out just because you don’t have to spend anything to play them because a free game can be just as good as an expensive one. Hey guys, Arcade Cloud here and today we’re counting down our list to the top 10 best video games that are free.

If you’re new to our channel go ahead and subscribe and hit that bell. Give this video a thumbs up and share it with some friends. It’s free. Number 10.

Path of Exile. After an open beta in 2008, the online action RPG Path of Exile was officially released in 2013 and it’s totally free to play. With seven unique classes to play as and a near unlimited amount of character customization this RPG has a lot of depth and content for a free to play experience. The story centers around your character exiled to the dark continent of Wraeclast fighting to earn the powers that will enable you to take revenge on those that wronged you. The game was supposedly made by a group of hardcore gamers and prides itself on being completely free with no pay to win elements.

That’s a good thing too because there’s a PVP mode where people compete in daily leagues with their own ladders and economies to win prizes. Basically there’s an almost unlimited number of things you can do in Path of Exile, and you don’t have to pay a dime to be able to do them. Number nine.

Dirty Bomb. If you’re into hardcore competitive shooters then maybe the free to play game Dirty Bomb that was released in 2015 by the developers at Splash Damage might be more your speed. Set in London after a brutal radiological attack on the city the game is about objectives. At the beginning of the match you are placed on one of two teams, the jackals or the CDA.

During play you can choose between three different characters with different weapons and abilities to be able to play and you can switch between them at any time. This game is all about teamwork and communication so it’s probably best to play it if you have some friends to play with. The gameplay is loosely based around other games in Splash Damage’s library like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Brink. But unlike Brink this game is actually, you know, good. Number eight. Team Fortress 2.

We can’t talk about free games and team shooters without bringing up the hugely popular Team Fortress 2. The game was initially released 11 years ago in 2007 and since then it has only grown and grown in popularity. It was originally released as a part of the orange box for Windows and the Xbox 360 and is actually a sequel to a mod that was made in 1996 for Quake called Team Fortress. Undoubtedly what has made Team Fortress 2 so popular other than the fact that it’s completely free now is the characters in the game. There are nine in total, all used for completely different purposes and all loved for their individual and interesting personalities. There are three offensive characters.

The scout is a cocky kid from Boston, the soldier is a Midwestern military man who is never actually in the army, and the pyro is a mentally unstable pyromaniac who just wants to see everything burn. There are also three defensive characters. The demo man is an alcoholic Scotsman with a penchant for blowing things up, the heavy is a big Russian man who loves a big gun, which apparently costs 400,000 dollars to fire for 12 seconds, and the engineer, a classic Texan who can build sentry turrets to protect teammates.

Then there are supporters. The medic is a crazed German doctor who accidentally placed his pet dove Archimedes into the body of the scout. The cheerful New Zealand sniper who was raised in the Australian outback, and finally the spy, a French double agent who can use his watch as a cloaking device.

The game modes are fun, the characters are unique and it all costs absolutely nothing to play. Plus there’s cool hats and stuff, I don’t know. Number seven. Smite.

Smite is a MOBA with a difference. While most MOBA’s take place from the top down position and have you move around with your mouse, Smite puts a new spin on things and allows you to play from a third person perspective. Because of that you can even play the game on consoles. With the game currently available on Windows, Mac OS, the Xbox 1, and the PS4. In the game you take control of a god, goddess, or other mythological figure, and battle against an enemy team using a combination of your own skill and teamwork to crush the enemy’s towers and eventually destroy their titan. The gameplay is pretty similar to every other MOBA, you kill creeps and sometimes your enemies to get gold and levels and this makes you stronger and more likely to take out the enemy’s titan before they are able to reach yours.

Currently the characters in the game come from nine different holy pantheons, the Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Japanese, Mayan, Norse and Roman gods all featured in the game. They’re broken up into subclasses with some of the gods being assassins, some being guardians, others being hunters, mages, or warriors. All of these different types have a distinctive style of play which all of the different characters take in different directions.

While it might not be as big as some of its competitors, the Smite eSport scene is still pretty popular with the prize pool for some tournaments stretching into the millions of dollars, which is pretty impressive for a free to play game. Number six. Paladins.

Remember when Paladins first came out and everyone called it just a cheap ripoff of Overwatch? Well, Paladins is not a cheap ripoff of Overwatch, and it’s completely free to play. The champions of Paladins are split up into four different subgroups. Front line, damage, support, and flank. Front line characters are described as the anchor of a team.

They hold the front line and protect their allies with big pulls of health and shields. The damage characters are obviously characters with high burst or consistent damage outputs. Support characters have high utility and usually a healing ability or two. These are guys that hang back and provide additional assistance when needed.

Flank, the last group of characters are those that find it easy to traverse the battlefield. They get behind the enemy and take out the characters that are most vulnerable when they aren’t expecting it. Game modes like siege, which is where you capture a point and then push a payload obviously make it feel a little bit like Overwatch, but free. But there are a few differences in the actual gameplay mechanics. For example the card system is a method of strengthening certain aspects of your champion. All of the champions have three default loadouts, but you can customize your own as you get more cards.

These cards grant special cool down reductions, move speed bonuses and sometimes extra health. Then there are also items which grant special bonuses throughout the duration of a match. They’re similar to cards in a way, but you don’t start with them, instead you gain currency throughout the match from killing enemies or pushing the payload. While Overwatch is all about non-stop fighting with characters that are immediately at their full potential, Paladins features characters that grow in strength across the course of a game.

And that difference combined with its price tag of $0 definitely makes it worth playing. Number five. Hearthstone. If you’re anything like me then you probably spent way too long playing Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards as a kid.

Over time those games sort of died out, or at least I stopped playing them as often. But then Hearthstone came along and it changed everything. It’s so hard to believe that Hearthstone was released originally four years ago back in 2014, but now the online CCG has become a worldwide phenomenon. The game builds on the existing lore of Warcraft using the same elements, characters and relics, but instead of it being a pretty expansive MMROPG, it’s a pretty competitive turn-based card game. In the game each player’s deck consists of 30 cards and a hero with a unique power. Similar to the card game Magic: The Gathering, you gain mana crystals every turn allowing you to play more cards and get even crazier combos off.

The game was actually designed to stop a very real problem of other competitive card games. The active being able to completely close your enemy out so they can’t make any moves on their next turn and to replicate the feel of a physical card game within the UI. While you might think that the game is actually pretty unique and interesting, it was actually built off the ideas of the previously published physical World of Warcraft trading card game, which was something that never really took off. As of May 2017, Blizzard reported that more than 70 million people were playing Hearthstone, which kind of explains how it became so popular as an eSport over the past couple of years. With some tournament prize pools going up as high as one million.

Number four. Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s the game everyone’s talking about. The thing to maybe even take Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds off it’s 100 man PVP combat throne. When this game was first announced people were understandable weary. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds had just taken the world by storm proving that battle royale games could be insanely popular and fun and then out of nowhere, Fortnite declares that they’ll be adding an extra mode into their game, one that looked basically the same as PUBG albeit with a different art style.

Considering that Fortnite hadn’t really been the most popular of games, people were understandably worried that this was just going to end up being a quick cash grab from Epic Games but it turned out to be so much more. Fortnite Battle Royale succeeded in being the same as PUBG but also in being completely different. At a base level the games are incredibly similar. You bail out of a flying vehicle to an island to loot and kill until you either die or are left the last player standing. But when you actually take the time to look at the other mechanics, namely how the gameplay functions and all the building mechanics, you start to notice that the game is incredibly different. While at the and of a PUBG game, most of the fighting happens from inside of bushes, or by hastily crawling around the grassy scrub land, the end of a Fortnite game is full of tall towers and explosions, like actual action.

It’s a faster paced experience than most of the other battle royale games out there. And it’s free. Number three. Warframe. Warframe has undergone a lot of changes over the past year but the base lore and story as stayed the same.

You play as members of the Tenno, which are basically this ancient race of warriors that have awoken from a long cryo-sleep only to find themselves in the middle of a brutal war with a species called the Grineer, who are basically crazy human clones; as well as the Corpus Corporation, who are all about robots and lasers; The Infested, who are basically zombie people as a result of the Technocyte virus; And finally, the Sentients, who are alien robots from another star system. Lots of fighting going on, it’s a pretty big war. The actual gameplay is kinda similar to Destiny.

There’s PVE missions and looting and then there’s also some PVP thrown in for good measure. What this game really has over Destiny, other than it being completely free, is the characters and the loot. This game has some serious style. I mean, come on, just look at Galatine Prime.

Who wouldn’t want to kill a bunch of zombies and aliens with a giant cybernetic medieval sword.

Number two. Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go is on this list for a whole load of reasons. For a start it’s free, and I mean this is a list of free games so that was really a big deciding factor. For a second, its Pokémon. Come on guys, Pokémon is one of the biggest franchises on the planet when it comes to gaming and new games come out so infrequently that I’ll basically take whatever I can get. Then third is the fact that this game pretty much changed mobile gaming completely. Like sure, you already had Niantic’s giant game Ingress, which is pretty similar to Pokémon Go in that you have to walk around your real world and interact with things on your phone.

But you never had the ability to literally live out a childhood fantasy. The childhood fantasy of becoming a Pokémon master. Any gamer who’s ever play Pokémon as a kid remembers picking up their first starter for the first time and then traveling around whatever region it was to collect them all and becoming a champion. Sure you can’t do all of that in Pokémon Go, but you could at least travel the world, or at least your town or your city, and collect all the Pokémon for yourself and to be honest, that was just magical. So magical in fact, that it blew up causing the world to basically stand still as Pokémon Go became one of the most popular video games of all time for a short while.

Honestly I just wish that the game had more battle mechanics and more PVP modes.

Number one. Dota 2 or League of Legends.

Is it cheating that we’re actually having two games in the top spot of this list?

Because we are. We’re totally putting two game at the top of this list. Basically we couldn’t choose between Dota 2 and League of Legends for the top spot.

We tried, we really did, but in the end we realized that both games have their positives and both games have their negatives. But neither of the MOBA’s really outshone the other in any meaningful way. League is more cartoony, Dota 2 is more gritty. Dota 2 is hardcore and intense, League is easier to get into. Both have thriving eSports scenes, both of them involve killing off creeps and then destroying towers before killing off a final big ball of glowing energy to win the game. They’re similar games but not quite the same and both fit into two very different niches in the MOBA genre.

And that’s why they’re both at the top spot of today’s list. They’re both extremely popular and extremely well made. And while we’re not gonna pick which one is our favorite, because it’s kind of a hot debate online, both of them are pretty good, so give ’em a shot. It just sort of depends on your personal preference, I guess. And there you have it, our list of the top 10 video games that are free. Do you agree?

Did we miss something? What’s your favorite MOBA? Let us know in the comments down below and don’t forget to subscribe for more great videos from Arcade Cloud on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Take care, and game on.

How to Win Fortnite on a MacBook Pro

Hey how’s, it going Dave 2d here, so I don’t play Fortnite very often, if I’m playing games at all, It’s usually overwatch, but on the MacBook There’s no overwatch client at least not a native one. So the game that I play the most on my MacBook is actually Fortnite, But there’s a problem. It runs really poorly on their best MacBook Pro. So this is their 15-inch 2017 model Radeon pro 560, It’s decked out, but it just runs really poorly at really low settings.

You can get near 60 frames per second, But there’s a lot of stutter, there’s stutter when you jump out of the bus, there’s starter when you’re in combat It’s just not a very good gaming experience. I don’t know. Macs aren’t ideal for gaming anyways, but Fortnite isn’t a particularly demanding game. It just still runs really poorly on the MacBook Pro, but then this came in the mail.

This is the gigabyte gaming box, It’s their new external GPU built specifically for MacBooks, and it cranks up the graphical power of your Thunderbolt, 3 equipped MacBook Pro So it’ll work with the 15-inch, the 13-inch and even the iMac on the 15-inch model. It’Ll bump it up by like double on the 13-inch, It will bump it up Even more depending on the 13-inch model you have. So this box is literally the smallest External GPU. I’Ve ever used it’s running an Rx 580 and because of the new Mac OS 10.13.4. The connection is Really easy to set up. It’S literally plug-and-play you plug it in There’s no setup.

There’S no drivers, There’s no reboot, even it just works right off the bag. When you connect it a few seconds later and Icon appears at the top of the screen. Saying that an external GPU is connected And that’s it and when it’s connected, you get a very Significant improvement in performance for something like Fortnite so before, because the framerate spiked, because it was actually very difficult to play properly in Fortnite. But now with the gaming box, You can get well over 60 frames per second on casino cruise.

Now, if I tweak the settings a bit, I could keep viewing Distance maxed out, while keeping all the visual fluff down, and I could still float around 70 to 80 frames per second one thing to keep in mind, though Fortnite does run better in Windows games in General are just better optimized for Windows and even for a huge developer like epic, the Mac OS client has lower frame rates than the Windows client with the same kind of hardware. Now, obviously, this isn’t for everyone. If you have a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop, Then you don’t need any of this stuff to play Fortnite or any game for that matter.

But if your Mac user, if you’re kind of required to use it for work or if you prefer Mac OS, This is a very viable option. It goes for six hundred dollars, You get the enclosure, the GPU a carrying case and all the cables and stuff, and the power supply in here is 450 watts, so it can easily handle charging your macbook pro while it’s connected even the 15 inch one – and it’s Also, a big enough Power supply that, if you wanted to in the future, you could probably upgrade the GPU provided that that new GPU fit in here. So a few other things to note Mac OS supports multiple external GPUs. So if your device has enough lanes like the 15-inch MacBook Pro, this thing can handle two external GPUs. The other thing I’m seeing is that there’s no bootcamp support, I don’t know if it’s coming.

I hope it is but at launch we’re not seeing official support And we’re also not seeing the ability to use the built-in laptop display – and this took me a while to figure out It’s right in the documentation. But if you don’t have an external monitor plugged into that external GPU, this setup won’t work right now It does require it. The other thing is that there’s no nvidia card support. So if you want to swap this thing out with an nvidia card, it won’t work at least not officially.

There’S work around some stuff like that. But if you want easy mode, It’s got to be an AMD card. Now, There’s one other issue: That’s a little more prominent!

It’S the fact that software support is relatively limited right now. This still does not work with Finalcut. So that’s Apple’s, video editing program. This connection does not work in Finalcut and I’m also having issues getting this to work in Adobe, Premiere, It’ll load up, but the moment I drop in footage, There’s an error. Now I am pretty confident that over time the support is going to improve quite a bit, but it’s just kind of weird to see Apple put out an Official release for this thing, while still being the kind of half-baked for a lot of their services.

So a couple other things to note: The noise levels on this thing are really quiet obviously depends on how close you keep this box to you, But at 2 or 3 feet away. It’S a very comfortable noise level, And I also think that the value of this $ 600 box is not bad. Like a lot of external GPU cases are quite expensive. We’Ve seen some cases that are like five six hundred bucks just for the case itself. This is 600, it includes the GPU includes, like all the hardware, that you need to make the whole thing work and there’s Upgradability right, not just for the card and stuff.

But if you want to upgrade your laptop in the future, you still going to have Thunderbolt 3 ports in the future, like there’s just A path of upgradeability, which I like to see in something like this. So external GPUs are pretty viable for macbook pros right now, And the supports are is going to get better over time. All right Hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs if you liked it subs, if you loved it and here’s some Fortnite footage, There’s actually.

Six Tips to be a Smarter Video Poker Player – Part 2 – with Gambling Author Henry Tamburin

hi and welcome to our instructional video that is designed to make you a smarter gambler my name is Steve Bourie and I’m the author of the American casino guide number one bestselling book in the USA on the subject of casino gambling and travel and the only book that comes with over $1000 in casino coupons. If you want to know more about our book be sure to visit our website at and if you have a smartphone or tablet be sure to download our free app! Just go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for American casino guide.

This video is part two of a two-part series where Henry Tamburin who is the author of six books on casino gambling discusses six tips to become a smarter video poker player. Tip number one has to do with the volatility of video poker games. I’ve mentioned the fluctuations that I experience from one year to the next with jacks or better and believe it or not Jacks or Better is a very low volatile video poker game compared to other video poker games. For example if we focus on double double bonus that’s a very popular video poker game it’s probably the most popular that video poker players like to play.

That particular game has a much higher volatility than the 9-6 Jacks or Better. Why? Because with double double bonus a lot of the return is focused on the low probability hands of four of a kind so the casino funds the four of a kind hands compared to say jacks or better with more money, more payouts but what they do is they lowered the payout for the more frequently hit two pair so when you look at a pay schedule and you see for example two pair only paying one for one, that generally indicates you have a video poker game that has a high volatility. In practical terms, that means if I’m going to play in a casino say a three hour session and I calculate using one of the video poker software programs how much money should I bring for this three hour session of 9/6 jacks or better it’ll calculate it, let’s say it’s $300 and that software is going to tell you that the chance of you losing $300 is very low. Now let’s suppose somebody else is going to play next to you and he’s going to play double double bonus and he wants the same risk of not losing his money, well $300 isn’t going to hack it, he’s gonna need more money and that’s the downfall of a lot of average players they go and they play the high volatility games and they don’t bring enough bankroll so they find themselves tapped out long before they’ve finished their playing session. So if you wanna play video poker, get the maximum playtime and the smallest volatility you want to focus on games that have this low volatility and you can find out what the volatility is of any game by looking in a video poker book or you can go to The Wizard of odds dot com video poker page they list the number for the volatility.

Tip number two is how you can earn more money when you’re playing video poker the reality is when you play video poker more than likely your overall return from playing is going to be slightly under a hundred percent. For example we mentioned 9/6 Jacks or Better returns 99.54 percent if you play it accurately what you want to do is you’d like to get that overall return over a hundred percent where you can see you’re short you’re short about point .4, .5% How do you get over a hundred percent? There’s two things you have to master one is you gotta take advantage of cash back and you want to take advantage of bounce back. Let me focus on cash back first casinos want to reward their loyal players the first thing you want to do is try this website and get yourself a players card and always use it when you’re playing video poker.

The reason is the casino’s computer system is going to track your play and casinos will reward you for the amount of money that you gamble they call that coin-in and that’s the only thing they’re interested in, how much they give you back depends on your coin-in, not how much you win or lose but they’re going to rebate a certain percent of your coin in. It’s like buying a car i buy a car for thirty thousand the dealer is going to rebate me a couple of thousand dollars, well when you play in a casino if you join the Players Club the amount of money you gamble they’re gonna rebate a certain percent. What you want to make sure is and that rebate percentage varies from casino to casino some casinos will rebate point one percent of your coin in others will rebate point three percent and you should find out what the base rebate or base return is for playing video poker.

You usually can find that by going to the Players Club and asking them or you can go to the casino’s website where you can go to one of the other websites that I mentioned earlier like So, first thing is know what the percent cash back is for that casino the second thing is let’s say it’s point one percent which isn’t a lot what you want to do now is scheduled your play time when the casinos offer multiple points that is extremely important. If I’m getting point one percent times my coin-in in either cash or free play if I play when the casino is offering 4, 5, or 6 times multiple points meaning instead of getting point one percent they’re going to give me point six and point seven that’s going to increase the number of points you earned during your play session that’s going to convert to more money you’re gonna get in cash or more money you’re gonna put in the machine for free play. SDo you need to discipline yourself to find out when your local casino offers multiple points and you wanna make sure you schedule your play time I’ll give you another real-world example, I play in a casino that has a base rate 0.13% that’s what they give me based on my coin in. On Mondays they multiply all of my points by eight well if you take .13 and you multiply by eight that’s 1.04% that they give back to me and they give it back to me in terms of free play. Well if I add what I get playing the game and this happens to be a casino that has 9/6 jacks or better progressive my return is 99.6% I add in the 1.04% so I am over a hundred percent, so that’s important.

I’m now an advantage video poker player What else can you do? So first thing is take advantage of multiple points, the second thing is you want to maximize your mailers. Once you play video poker in a casino and I suggest you play consistently at the same casino, you want to make sure that you maximize your mailers. The mailers are what comes in the mail from the casino they’ll send you a mailer every month and it lists all the activities and promotions that they have for the upcoming month and usually there are coupons in those mailers we call them bounce back coupons or coupon might say will give you $50 every week for the next month. You go back to the casino, you bounce back that’s how that got that term you go back to the casino, you go to the machine, you put in your players card and you can download the $50 that the casino gives you.

You’d like to get $100, you’d like to get $200 every week. How do you maximize that amount? The key is to make sure that when you play you get the highest theoretical average for your playing session. Now let me explain this because this is extremely important the casinos they want to reward their players and what they do now a days is they take a look at your coin and obviously the more you play the higher your coin in and the more you’re gonna be rewarded but they will take that coin in and they multiplied by a percent they call it theo based on whatever machine you’re playing and they multiply those two and they get what they call a theo that’s what sits in their computer so if you go to a casino tomorrow you play video poker for 3, 4 hours whatever coin in you put in they’ll multiply a percent and the computer will say for this particular day for this session you had this much theo and what that means for them that’s a theoretical amount that they expect to win from you.

Now what most casinos do is they’ll average those session theos over a certain period of time some casinos use three months the casino that I play on that I mentioned earlier uses a 21 day session average. It’s very difficult to find out this information they’re not free with it but I suggested you ask a casino host that’s one of the perks you can get out of a casino host and some casinos. So how do you maximize that theo because if you keep the theo high for say 21 trips you’re going to get a very much higher mailer than if somehow that theo goes down and a lot of players they don’t understand that and they trip themselves. For example, players go to a casino and they decide they’re not going to play they’re gonna go eat in the restaurant then they’re going to go home. They go sit in the restaurant casino restaurant they’ve they go have a nice meal the bill comes and they pay with their points, the points they earn that’s on their players card when they do that they trip a session the computer knows that they’re in the casino and its gonna say they’re there and they’re gonna trip you for a session you walk out of the casino without playing what’s going to happen is the computers got you zero theo for that day well you take a theo of 0 theo when you add it to your other Theos you can see that the average goes down and your mailer goes down. Another example casino gives you free play your run to the casino you run through your free play and then you leave.

Again, you’re gonna trip yourself and your gonna end up with a 0 playing session and that’s gonna lower your theo. So in order to maximize your mailers, maximize the bounce back that you get you want to make sure that when you go to a casino if you’re going to use points, if your gonna download your bounce-back, download your free play that you play during that session. If you just do those other things without playing you’re gonna trip yourself and you’re never going to get a high theo and you’re never going to get the high bounce back and the better mailers so that’s really important. The last tip has to do with how can I keep this money that I earned by playing video poker?

Because you have to understand you have a silent partner when you play video poker it happens to be uncle sam if you hit a payout that pays $1200 or greater you’re gonna have a casino employee come to your machine, the machine’s gonna lock up and they’re going to give you a tax form it’s a w-2G you’re gonna get a copy and other copy is sent to Uncle Sam. When you file your taxes whether it’s federal and most states they’re going to expect on your income tax when you file that you’re going to report that gambling win as earnings because the regular IRS regulations say gambling winnings are taxable so what can you do to make sure that you’re not paying too much taxes on your winnings? What you need to make sure is that you can report your losses and that’s what you want to do, but when your report winnings and losses on your income tax you gotta make sure you maintain a gambling log so this is the last bit of information I can tell you maintain a gambling log, in fact the IRS regs state you should maintain a session gambling log just get yourself a book and every time you go to the casino you play video poker just put down the date, the casino what game you played how much you won or lost and then at the end of the year you add up all your wins your session wins you put that in your income tax filing and you do the same thing with the losses, if you get audited then you have no problem you can present your gambling log I’ve had too many of my colleagues that didn’t take this sdvice and they reported gambling wins without keeping gambling logs so they went through that horror show known as an IRS audit.

You don’t want to have to go through that because if you can’t support your gambling losses and you can report losses up to the amount of your wins, the IRS is going to charge you a tax for all of that money that hard-earned money that you won they’re going to charge you not only do you have to pay a tax on the winnings but you’re gonna have to pay a penalty for not filing correctly so the last tip I can leave you is please make sure you maintain a gambling log you’ll never know when you need it if Uncle Sam audits you but it’s really nice to have if you have to go into an audit. If you want to learn more about me and some of the information that I have on my website you can either go to smart gaming dot com which has articles on all different casino games that I’ve written or you can go to BJ insider dot com and that site has blackjack Insider newsletter which I edit and there you’ll find information on blackjack. For 3 free issues of the BJ Insider simply go to this URL it’s Don’t forget that you can see more of our educational gaming videos on our YouTube channel is go to / American casino guide

The Problem With Card Game Anime

I’m pretty sure that I’m literally the only human being on earth who cares about card game anime, and it’s probably not wise of me to drop a fifteen-minute rant about it in the middle of the worst month for ad revenue of the year, but I just put out an SAO video, so I think I’ll be okay. Card game anime all kind of… suck. Or at least, they suck at being anime about card games. I mean there’s plenty of goofy fun to be had with shows like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Duel Masters, Luck and Logic, WIXOSS, Fantasista Dolls, EX Ignition, Dinosaur King, Mon Colle Knights and Jesus fucking Christ how many of these are there?

For glorified commercials, these shows range from serviceable, to pretty gosh-darn great shonen and shoujo fantasy fare, but I don’t think they really accurately represent the appeal of the card games that they’re supposed to be selling us. In fact, I don’t think that any card game anime properly conveys the fun of playing trading card games, at least not in its entirety. There’s this formula that many battle toy anime follow. You start by having your characters play small games for two to three episodes, then you send them to a tournament that lasts for the rest of the core season, and during that tournament they discover some dark, secret, mystical evil that they conveniently need to use many collectible variations of YOUR TOY THAT YOU ARE SELLING to defeat and save the world.

This formula works, it makes for really entertaining kids’ TV, but the trouble is that it really has nothing to do with the product. I mean, you can literally use the same basic structure to make it exciting to watch bread rise. Someone did, actually, and it’s great. You can sub out this formula for something different. Mon Colle Knights puts a comedy isekai Pokemon spin on card collecting, while WIXOSS turns it into one of those magical girl Faustian bargain with the devil deals, which is actually really good, but the underlying issue remains.

By putting the focus of your card game anime on something other than the card game, you’re implicitly saying; “This thing is not interesting enough to carry a TV show on its own.” But the thing is, TCGs are really fun on their own. Take this from someone who was obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh!

and then Hearthstone for a good four years of his life. There’s so much strategy and thought that goes into building your deck into a well-oiled machine, and piloting it against other players who’ve done the same. Enough that I honestly think you could build a whole series out of it.

What is this X-factor that’s missing from so many TCG anime? What is it that makes card games so uniquely enjoyable? In a word; planning.

Rather than being won in the moment of play, the outcomes of TCG duels are largely decided by the foresight and strategy of players, before a game or tournament even begins. But actually collecting cards and building decks is rarely, if ever, touched on in these shows. TCGs are all about dealing with uncertain elements, from the cards that you draw from your deck in a game, to the booster packs that you use to build that deck, to the cards that other players choose to field in their decks. Note that I say “uncertain” though, rather than “random,” because that’s an important distinction. The core skill in any TCG is mitigating luck as a factor as much as possible, minimizing the odds of bad outcomes, and maximising good ones. You can never be 100% sure of what cards you’ll draw, or what your opponent will be playing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t predict it and skew probability in your favor.

The most obvious way that you can do this is that you have absolute control over the cards in your deck, which means you can basically stack it so that everything either synergizes with your core strategy, or helps you reach cards that do. Yu-Gi-Oh! the anime constantly shows that the key to winning a children’s card game lies in “trusting your deck” and “believing in the Heart of the Cards™,” but that’s absolute horseshit. While it may make for a thrilling anime moment to luckily pull the last piece of Exodia from your deck at the last possible moment, that’s not really a good strategy for consistently winning games. In reality, anyone playing Exodia is going to stack their deck with as many cards as possible that either stall their opponent, draw more cards, or search for more pieces of Exodia, so that the odds of drawing the complete set go from being fairly low to being almost guaranteed within three to five turns of the game.

They’re not going to build a deck full of random monsters like Yug’s grandpa and hope for the best. Yami Yugi – “My grandpa’s deck has no pathetic cards!” This is something that card game anime rarely ever touch on, but it’s essential to playing TCG as well: Knowing your win condition.

Based on anime, a lot of new players think that winning is just a matter of putting the strongest cards together in a deck, and playing them better than your opponent. I know that’s what I thought when I first started getting really serious about Yu-Gi-Oh! But in reality, the purpose of your deck isn’t to give you access to a wide variety of strong cards or combos.

You’re really never going to run Dark Magician and Black Luster Soldier in the same deck. It’s to set up a single winning board state. To put a card or combination of cards into play that your opponent can’t defeat, and to do it before they have a chance to do the same. Every card that’s not directly part of this core strategy should be something that either helps you get to the cards you do need, or shuts down the strategies that your win condition is otherwise weak to.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! anime would have you believe that life points are the most important thing in the world, but any hardcore player of any card game will tell you that the only life point that matters is your last one. Different card games have many unique quirks and mechanics that set them apart from each other, but one thing is pretty much constant between all of them: Nine times out of ten, the player who draws the most cards and has the most cards in play wins, because that player gets to their win condition faster, and has a greater chance of drawing a card that counters their opponent’s win condition. This Is true to the point that, if there was a card in Yu-Gi-Oh!

that let you sacrifice all but one of your life points to draw three cards, it would be played at three in every deck in the game. You don’t really see those kinds of interactions in most card game anime, though. The whole idea of planned counter-play just isn’t present, and that’s a real shame, because it’s one of the most interesting parts of real-world TCGs. In real tournaments, players don’t just play one match, they do best of threes. And in most card games, players have a sideboard of fifteen extra cards that they can swap into their deck between rounds in order to have better odds of winning against their opponent’s specific strategy. By looking at what decks are the most powerful vs. which are the most affordable, you can estimate with a fair degree of accuracy what you’re likely to play against at a tournament, or at your local card shop, and adjust the cards in your deck to have a better chance of winning against them.

And you can build a sideboard containing cards that plug holes in your deck’s strategy, or counter other strategies that you expect to see a little less frequently than the most popular ones. There’s a mindgame element to this. Is the opponent who just beat you siding in counters to your counters? Is the guy you just trounced changing his entire strategy into something you have no hope of overcoming? Aside from the initial step of deck-building, the side deck is where TCG’s are won, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen an anime that incorporates them at all.

That’s a huge missed opportunity to both create tension and draw out duels without making every turn last forever. And the thing is, that’s the real skill that separates good players from great ones; reading and reacting to the metagame. And there’s plenty of interesting ways that that could be incorporated into an anime’s story. Having characters go scope out their future opponents to get into their heads, or play test games against each other to figure out what decks in a new set are the most powerful. Hell, you could build a whole story arc around a character chasing down a card that they need to complete their deck before a tournament, or scrambling to find a replacement when they realize at the last minute that one of their key cards is a bad fit for their deck. I mean, if you want to talk about card game moments that would make for great anime episodes, think of that one Yu-Gi-Oh!

tournament where everyone was scrambling to get their hands on Elemental Hero Stratos ’cause he’d just been released and he was totally broken, and he was immediately limited to one afterwards. That could make for a great comedy storyline. Or players could even play mindgames with each other, trying to outguess each other’s strategies and trick other players into using cards that will work against them.

That would be a hell of a lot more interesting than “Oh no! I am going to lose because my numbers aren’t big enough! “Oh, yay! I drew the exact card I needed not to lose!” We only see Yugi do anything like this once in the Yu-Gi-Oh!

anime, and it’s low-key one of the douchiest things I’ve ever seen an anime protagonist do. At the start of Duelist Kingdom, Yugi gives Joey Time Wizard, an OP effect monster that serves as a key piece in his strategy, by destroying his opponent’s monsters, and buffing up his Baby Dragon. What Yugi doesn’t tell Joey is that Time Wizard also buffs Dark Magician, giving him an effect that lets Yugi play spell cards from his hand on his opponent’s turn like trap cards, which basically means that Dark Magician is a hard counter to Time Wizard, and since Yugi helped Joey build his deck around it, when he goes into the final tournament match with Joey he knows that it’s all but guaranteed that his “friend” will play Time Wizard, handing the duel to him on a silver platter. He makes this big show about them being on equal footing, but in the end, he had the duel rigged before they even started. Of course, the Yu-Gi-Oh!

anime doesn’t realize this implication of what happened, but imagine if a villain or rival character intentionally did something like this to the hero of a more down-to-earth TCG anime, maybe as a heel-turn moment. That could be a really cool scene. And there are many other moments of potential card game awesomeness that we’ll probably never see in anime because anime creators just aren’t interested in telling those kinds of stories.

Picture an anime that’s about a group of friends preparing for games at their local card shop, and then gearing up for their first regional, and then national tournaments, studying opponents, reading the meta, going to booster set releases, and trying to build the newest decks by buying and trading cards with everybody else. A show with a structure not unlike a sports anime. Would it be as exciting as calling down the Egyptian gods onto the deck of a blimp to battle for the fate of the world?

Maybe not in the same way, but with an emphasis on interpersonal drama and self-improvement, I could easily see it being as engaging as something like Haikyuu!! or Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma actually provides a really good roadmap for this. There are a lot of similarities between the preparations for that show’s cooking duels, and the art of deck building. Though Soma mainly takes on opponents one-on-one instead of in a tournament setting, he still spends a lot of time analyzing their strategies and figuring out ways to counter them. The battle is really won before it even begins, and anime fans love this dynamic in Food Wars!

I put out a whole video about it last fall. Food Wars! proves that this kind of conflict can be exciting.

So does Baby Steps, which spends as much time focusing on Eiichirou’s preparation for tournaments and how he studies opponents as it does on the matches themselves. I’d love to see a TCG anime take on a similar approach to these shows, be it something more absurd, set in a card game high school, like Shokugeki no Soma, or a more realistic story, where the entire world’s economy and education system isn’t based on a children’s toy, about friends at a local card shop having fun. Those details don’t matter so much. The important thing is the focus on strategy and planning over luck and friendship or whatever.

I’ve seen exactly one anime come close to doing this right; Cardfight!! Vanguard. In the first two seasons, we actually see characters buying booster packs and even structure decks, and rebuilding their strategies around the new cards they acquire. A lot of time is spent at local card shops playing small games and tournaments, leading into bigger events with higher stakes. We see proper deck engines in play, and understand how they achieve victory, and we see the work that goes into these characters getting better at the game, and eventually winning it. The characters even talk about the idea of a “winning image,” or win condition, as an essential part of deck building.

Not only is it interesting and unique to see a show focus on this, it also makes for really effective advertising. When I first saw Misaki stacking her deck with her Oracle Think Tank archetype, I distinctly remember thinking “I bet that would be a lot of fun to play.” Something that kind of gets lost when a show focuses on luck and world-threatening stakes with every game. Unfortunately, as its seasons go on Cardfight!!

slowly devolves into trips to alien planets, and battles against an evil void that STEALS YOUR SOUL IF YOU LOSE AT CARD GAMES!! It loses faith in the more grounded depiction of TCG play that set it apart from stuff like Yu-Gi-Oh!, eventually becoming just like those shows. And while it seems to have worked commercially, the show’s been airing continuously since 2011, I can’t be the only one who thinks that kinda sucks.

Again, pointing to Shokugeki no Soma, a lot of people have been disappointed with the Central arc for shifting the focus of the series from “cooking the very best like no one ever cooked” to this ideological battle for the soul of Totsuki Academy against the evil council of food villains. It’s not necessarily bad, I enjoyed it a little bit, but it feels more… anime than it needs to, at the expense of what made the series special in the first place. I get why shows have this focus. They’re aimed at children, and it’s easier to wow kids by showing them big, cool monsters, sold at a corner store near you, battling each other for the fate of the world. But Vanguard proves that more grounded stories can work, and the success of sports anime like Haikyuu!! demonstrates that you really don’t need big, dumb anime magic fights with massive stakes on a world-changing scale to keep kids engaged.

Or adults, for that matter. I don’t know, it’s entirely possible that I really am the only person in the world who cares about this, but I think there’s something really exciting and engaging about real-world TCGs that anime, for the dozens of attempts that it’s made, has never properly tapped into. And if a show ever manages to do that and stick to its guns, I think it could be something really special. What do you guys think?

Am I alone in this? Have I gone too nerdy with this video, or are any of you also dissatisfied with the current state of TCG anime? And if you currently play a card game, which one is it, what makes you like it, and what deck do you play? I’d love to hear your answers in the comments below.

Oh, and by the way, by going down there, you just activated my trap card! Now you have to click the subscribe button and the notification bell next to it in order to catch every Mother’s Basement video as it goes live! And don’t even think about using Mystical Space Typhoon to negate it, because, for like the fiftieth fucking time, Dave, it doesn’t work that way.

Also, I don’t have a trap card for it, but I do have a Patreon. You can sign up, give me money, a good time will be had by all. These people did it, they’re cool.

Don’t you wanna be cool? What are you gonna spend that money on anyway? Card games?

Eh, good choice, I can’t blame you for that, it’s what I was gonna spend it on. I, uh, don’t know where I’m going with this. But I do know where you’re going next! You’re either going to click here to check out my best OPs of 2017 top list, or click here to see me talk about card game anime’s bastard cousin, gambling anime.

And don’t forget to check out my second channel, where I recently put out a Yu-Gi-Oh! podcast powered by Rival software at

Are we likely to see emergent betting exchanges?

Please like and comment on the video below that will allow me to produce better quality videos and more of them in the future. So one of the things that I am hopeful is that we’re just on the start, or maybe through the middle of a very long journey on betting exchanges and the technological disintermediation of the bookmaker. This is one of the things that I was always excited about when you look at exchanges, and that was the thing that got me involved and I was thinking about what could happen in the future and how things would evolve from there. Now, of course, you know, there’s a lot of water is passed under the bridge.

Now we’re nearly twenty years into this big experiment with betting exchanges, and of course you know, the market was very fragmented. Its consolidated now and you know well, perhaps not growing as fast as we thought we should be. So I have done a few videos on this before and if you remember I did this video when I was in San Francisco, where I was talking about speaking to companies over there about you know seeing what was going on and where we could take things from There so yeah, I don’t remember if you’ve seen the video or maybe not but yeah the I did a video from San Francisco, whereas talking specifically about the betting exchange opportunity. So don’t know if you recognize the skyline behind me, I’m in San Francisco, and this is the home of many technology startups, but more notably, and for the purposes of this video it’s home to Airbnb and uber, and these are peer-to-peer companies that are transforming the way That they develop their industries and really when you look at it, betting exchanges are noted from their peer-to-peer network, but one of the problems we’ve had with betting exchanges is over the last 15 years and they’ve been active. They should have totally changed the world what they happen, and I want to change them. I want to make sure that we actually changed the way that people interact in sports markets.

It should have happened now it hasn’t for whatever reason, but I want you to join me and make sure that we do make it happen. Now, one of the things that I did when I was over there, because the video doesn’t specifically mention what I was doing, it was speaking to all interested parties. So this would be entrepreneurs techie guys about basically the exchange mechanism and, of course, the problem you have in the US is that you know betting and gambling isn’t very widespread and isn’t generally embraced for want of a better word. So it’s a bit difficult to get the concept over. So I was trying to speak to companies that I felt with similar lines that were solving similar problems and similar sectors that you know could easily apply that to the sports market and get this growth back into the whole exchange model. Now one of the problems that I had is, if you speak to techy guys they get excited about the technology.

And if you speak to companies that are in that sector, they may not fully understand what the opportunity is, and you know you have entrepreneurs, investors and the business people that are going to make these things happen, and I realized that one of the mistakes that I’ve Made would be speaking to each of these individual parties when, in fact, what most of these people are looking for is money. Basically, in Silicon Valley, people want funding and they wants to throw the hat in the ring on a grand new idea and they tend to think on a very large scale. So I realized, after a couple of visits, that in fact it was venture capitalists really that I needed to be speaking to, because these are the guys that wants to give the money out when they wants to put it into investments.

That may have a chance of the payoff and the way that a VC works is generally. They may have you know a hundred million or something and they’re willing to slice up that money into smaller chunks, and they accept that a lot of those projects won’t pay off, but all they need a few of them to pay off and they’ll get. All of that money back and then some so on.

My most recent visits to San Francisco, I was speaking almost predominantly to venture capitalists and you know jeering up and giving them a background, giving them a steer basically on the industry and how the industry is structured and where it could be going and things that could Be done and the VCS have lots of connections out into that community where they can sort of identify people or things that could happen. So I you know, I have a little bit of money to invest but not a great deal, so I felt that my role was more as somebody that could you know, influence or advise on these sort of things, and you never know things may happen and stuff May just pop out of the woodwork but, as I always say on my videos, you know I’m happy to go out there. Try a few things, make a few comments, meet loads of people and then things sort of tend to happen from there anyway. So yeah.

I have given some early funding to little projects over in California and not so any substantial scale, but more to take a stake in an interest in those individual businesses. But it’s really the VCS and other people that are going to be driving that sort of advancement, because I don’t have that sort of money available to distribute, but also from a political sense in the US. I don’t have any votes to give to anybody. So that’s what seems to drive everything over there is money or votes, and – and really I don’t have any of those.

So all I can do is attempt to get involved, have an influencing role and who knows where all of that goes. But the reason for doing this video is it’s interesting to see that we are beginning to see a little bit of momentum beginning to build specifically with blockchain technology. So one of the companies that I was interested in and that sort of took me to San Francisco in terms of my quests, to understand what was going on and things that were going on was a company good alga, which was based around blockchain technology, Bitcoin and Betting, but it’s interesting to see the progress of people like peer plays and the platforms that are sitting on pay plays, such as book II, which is basically a blockchain distributed, ledger technology exchange. And if you look at the bio on there, I think that you’ll recognize the sort of a wording that has generated that particular opportunity. And I think that there must be many other people out there.

Inc, including me that, and on top of what I’ve said in the past, that probably feel a similar way that there’s a much bigger opportunity out there if only the right thing is put in place. Now there are many barriers to overcome many things that are going to get in the way, but nonetheless I think that always your role in life should be to create the future, not to reinvent the past. So it’d be interesting to see where all of these sort of things go, and you know I foresaw the internet. I was around with an Internet company before the internet really took off and I foresaw things like YouTube and and – and I didn’t see other things, but the fact is, there are loads of things waiting in front of us and it’s great to get involved as early As possible, in those things, because you never quite know where they’re going to go or what they’re going to do, will it radically change the landscape and not change it at all or force existing participants to readapt things or to change their model? And that’s why I take an active interest in it, but the whole point in doing this video is to basically say that I don’t feel that a lot of those meetings were particularly wasted, because it does seem that there is a little bit of momentum gathering now In these areas, which is what I hoped may happen – I’m not going to take credit for doing that, because obviously many other people would probably have the same thought and probably have money to distribute. But it’s interesting to see that we are beginning to see a little bit of momentum in that area and it’ll be interesting to see where that ends up either directly in terms of how these models evolve or how they shape the industry going forward.


How Progressive Jackpots Slots Work

So let’s take a look at progressive jackpots, how they work, where you can find them and most importantly, are they worth playing?As we all know, a jackpot is the big prize of the slot. It can hit tens of thousands or even a few million pounds, depending on the game. In regular slots, jackpots ranging anywhere near the millions are rare, simply because the slot maker has to allocate the prizes on the assumption that more money will be lost to the game than the total jackpot. Because of this, a regular jackpot will never compare to the mega wins seen on progressive games.

Progressive jackpot games allow for bigger jackpots because the prize grows continuously as the slot is played. A percentage of every coin spent adds to the progressive jackpot  for a lucky winner to pick up later. Instead of guessing the chances of a player winning the jackpot, the jackpot simply grows with the number of people playing. This allows them to get much bigger, up to the tens of million, simply because the jackpot keeps growing until it’s won.

Online casinos have made this possible because of their huge popularity and thousands of players. Progressive jackpots are the biggest because every player contributes directly to the pot! Jackpots usually come in 3 forms. You have major, minor and then mini jackpots. The major jackpot comes with the lowest chances of winning, while obviously, the minor and mini jackpots can be won more regularly, with a lower prize. They all tick up as players spend coins, butn minor and minis stay lower as they are won more often and less coins are allocated to them, retaining the balance between the major and smaller jackpots.

Progressive jackpots are won through bonus rounds. By spinning 3 scatter symbols, the slot will then open a bonus mode. Bonus rounds come in many forms, such as a pinball style game, or a wheel of fortune set up. From here you can win money as you usually would with any slot bonus. But in addition, you can also win a mini, minor or if you’re really lucky, the major jackpot. Progressive jackpots very rarely simply won from spinning the reels.

So you’re almost always going to see a bonus round first. If y

ou are looking for strategy or tactics, then sadly we can’t help you there. Since the jackpot is won through a bonus round, each bonus mode is different, and since it usually has very little player interaction, there’s no real way to improve your odds. It’s all down to the luck of the spin. On the brighter side, since a jackpot can be won, even with the lowest wager possible, progressive jackpots still make sense, as you can enjoy them like a regular slot, but with the added chance that a larger jackpot might come your way. It’s like a typical slot, but with more surprises in store.

Details here:

History of Online Bingo

All around the world there are accounts of people playing a variety of different games in which they wager for a chance to win resources, this is a big part of world history. However, it would be fair to say that few games have had quite the same impact on the globe that bingo has because even in its earliest form back in 15th Century Italy, the game was very popular very fast as a national lottery that is still played in that land today. There are very few games that developed in so many different countries, but bingo can count itself lucky to have been incubated in not only Italy, but France, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom. It is the US where bingo was really shaped into the form that it is today recognized as. This is due to the hard work for a sales man called Edwin Lowe who only discovered bingo by total accident at a carnival in the US state of Georgia while he was on vacation. Mister Lowe instantly understood that if a game could draw that many rabid fans at a small traveling country carnival then it might have a wider application, too, so he took it upon himself to go back to his native New York City and develop a version of the game that he could sell to folks who wanted to run their own bingo games. He started out printing up cards with the help of a math whiz and before long he had a small industry going. It was no surprise that bingo took hold, but what was surprising was how in just over fifty years, bingo went from a great idea to a billion dollar a year industry.

How did this happen? Easy, three words: world wide web. The web was the first step in the global ascension of bingo as a popular past time and it did not take long at all for this game to grab on in the UK which is where it would be thrown so far up into the stratosphere that no one could predict the media frenzy that would take place when web sites started giving away hundred thousand pound prizes to local UK players.

Money Management

You should know where you stand at all times. Use the counters on the slots to your advantage. Don’t play credits. Cash in and play coins it’s slower and you can use the counters to keep track of where you stand.

Wander around, if you’re not hitting, stop and wander around, take a break. Walk around, enjoy watching others play.

Specialize, find slot machines that you understand and play them. Don’t play just any machine. Learn what machines appeal to you and stick with them, we all have favorites that’s part of the fun.

Take a chance, if you are up you can afford to take a chance on high end machines even the 5.00 slots. If you do get a hit… run.

Read the machine, make sure you understand the payoff schedule on any slot you play, you will avoid disappointment. Once you have done this you will avoid certain slot machines.

One coin play, you don’t need to play three coins at all times, particularly on high end slot machines, $1.00 $5.00 and up. Find machines that will allow one coin play and still payout the maximum. I am not talking about pay for play type machines, nor three or five liners. I am talking about single line slot machines that payout on all symbols for 1 coin. You will sometimes think, gee if I had played three coins I would have won three times as much, beware the Casinos main weapon…. Greed.

Set your own rules, because a machine takes up to 5 plus coins does not mean you have to play that many. If you read the machine you will see, in many cases, that the payout per coin is exactly the same relative value. In other words many slots will pay X for 1 coin and 2X for 2 coins and 3X for 3 coins.

Luck, do not underestimate the luck factor. If you win you are just Plain lucky. A $50.00 book on winning at slots won’t give better advice.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

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Internet Betting in New Year 2018

During past economic collapse period gamers have assumed the actual benefit of on the internet gaming. It’s so economically convenient to remain at home and play in an online casino as opposed to flying right to Las Vegas or Atlantic city. In 2015-2016 (land-based) casino market had record losses, while the internet gambling market ought to continue to come on raise.

The virtual betting market flourishes and emerges very quickly, and it looks that 2018 will probably be an impressive financial year for on the web betting corporations. Investment professionals forecast in 2018 internet gambling corporations to be the prime choices for stock market investors.

Last decade World Wide Web betting has become a angrily developed and sophisticated industry. Great majority of internet gambling companies give extraordinarily selection of different gambling game titles and advertising offers. You can find thousands of online casino players who play just in the highest branded Fastest Payouts Casinos there, whilst many others spread their gaming priorities among all various brands, both famous and newbies.

Competition is incredibly large, and Web players have fun with the amazing benefits they may gain due to it. All virtual wagering websites forced to compete in order to entice new players for keeping their venture profitable. This competition is the key purpose why internet betting websites getting more and more imaginative in their offers and marketing promotions, as well as in customer support and retention efforts.

Competition is excellent for players, which enjoy a broad choice of awards and a high quality of services that top wagering websites provide to their clients. The competition is tremendously tough, but it has pulled out something great, influencing the value of services together with range of bonuses presented.

Extra new online gamblers are attracted by creativity of advertising campaigns of online casinos that makes virtual gaming a much more preferable choice for gambling enthusiasts than traditional gambling facilities in Las Vegas or Monaco.

A triumph of web-based gambling websites can drive US legislators to rearrange an anti-online gambling regulation in 2018 already. It appears such as some senators start finding out that web gambling is not the evil empire and it may help US-based betting companies and make people pleased. Rearrange of anti-online gambling regulations will produce a enormous wagering progress in the United states.

The vast majority of US states face budget shortfalls with the USA nationwide unemployment rate at 10%. Federal government deficit approaching $1.3 trillion. Taxes to be remitted by online gambling vendors promote regulation of internet betting making it positive as never before.

Large players in online gambling marketplace are getting excited regarding near future making ready to advantage from legalization of internet betting in the USA. One particular latest illustration is a merge of PartyGaming and Bwin declared just recently. This merge is believed to build the biggest online betting agency in the world.

More compact agencies and newbies will also get a opportunity to develop and emerge as true competitors. With internet gambling getting bigger and bigger, victorious betting businesses turn out to be more interesting for investors, and this is the perfect occasion to invest.

A number of companies develop an alternative gaming model called online sweepstakes which is not deemed as betting in most states in the Us as well as in lots of other jurisdictions. This is provided to the fact that online gamers that play for free of charge may still win prizes in conjunction with those who spend money for premium options.

Competition is fantastic for internet gamers, which appreciate a huge choice of incentives and a worth of offerings that greatest gaming websites offer to their customers. The competition is fantastically demanding, yet it has made something vigorous, affecting the value of services along with scope of offers introduced.

More gamers are encouraged by originality of promoting efforts of internet casinos making betting sites a far more preferable alternative for online players in comparison with traditional casinos in Las Vegas or Macau.

No Limit Hold Em Poker

Texas Hold Em is a wonderful game that can be enjoyed by anyone as they can always find a game with a limit appropriate for their game. But then there is ‘big brother’ – no limit Hold Em Poker. This is a different ball game with a different playing field entirely. It really is the peak of the Poker world and should only be attempted if you carry with you the understanding, ability and guts to play at a no limit Hold Em Poker table.

With this aggressive format comes a different strategy of play, as you have the risk of losing your entire, hard fought for, table leading chip stack in one hand. You will go through extreme highs and lows playing no limit Hold Em Poker that you will not find anywhere else in the Poker world.

Every facet of your game that you have learned from playing limit Hold Em will have to be at its supreme level for you to sit down at a no limit table, plus you will have to learn additional strategies if you really want to live to tell the tale at a no limit table.

Finely tuned senses and the capability to read players to know when to bluff, fold or go all in all become so vital on every single hand you play. Also knowing how much to bet is a further aspect that a normal limit games has it obvious restrictions, but you will now need to know how much and when you should be filling the pot.

You must be careful as to what hands you play. You don’t want to get mixed up in a hand unless you have a very promising chance of taking the pot, or you are ready to go all the way to make it look like the cards you are holding are the highest hand at the table.

Learning how to make the most out of your opponent’s plays a big part in your success at a no limit Poker table. The talent of ‘trapping hands’ means that when you have a strong hand and an opponent has a slightly lesser hand but they can’t get away from it, you deplete their chip stack as much as you can. This is a merciless game and if you don’t eliminate an opponent the first chance you get, they might very well come back to do the same to you.

It can be very easy (and understandable) to get nervy by playing at a no limit Hold Em Poker table, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. There are a few good training programs that can develop your game to make you into a winner at a poker table. Take a look at one of these training programs first (highly advisable) then enjoy the huge highs that can be experienced playing this format, and eliminate the staggering lows that also accompany it.

Try to Enjoy and Win Casino Game

Most of the people (certainly residing out of the periphery of the world of casino) consider that there are only a few casino games and this is indeed a grave mistake. If truth be told, there is the presence of a large number of casino games, which are both money-spinning and amusing. These two basic traits have become instrumental in attracting more and more people to the world of casino. It may be you are alien to all these but lean from here, you can be profitable and entertained as well given that there is the requisite proficiency with regard to playing casino games with you.

In the pertinent scenario presence and dominance of card games deserve special mentions and these include card exchange games, collectible card and certainly patience games. But keep in mind that each game along with its built-in features, ways of playing and the strategies (that should be adopted) are different. Trick taking games, in general, happen to be card games with conflicting play structure. This consists of bridge, euchre, hearts, pinochle, whist and piquet.

How can you play these games?

Experts state that these games, by and large, make use of the concept of trick and only a practice of few days is needed to make one individual expert.

On the other hand, a patience games comprises a single player and bloodthirsty patience game. The diverse types of solitaire games happen to be ace of pile, freecell and concentration. Nevertheless, competitive games take account of spite and double solitaire. Do you know gambling card games are also well-known as casino games? There is nothing to wonder, lots of people are yet to know the same. In short, both beatable and unbeatable types of casino games do exist and attract people increasingly. You can surely include Blackjack, Poker games and Video Poker games in the segment of beatable casino games while Baccarat, Roulette, 3 card poker and Keno can be included in the segment of unbeatable casino games.

I don’t know whether there is any person yet to get familiar with the tale of Las Vegas. It happens to be the largest city in the state of Nevada; situated by and large in southeastern Nevada; globally renowned for entertainment and gambling and general excess these days. However, in spite of all these lustrous and licentious appeals, it’s not easy for all to go to Las Vegas, even for once in the life. Never mind; there is nothing to worry as the same bracing ambiance can be felt in the home too – through the online casino gamble. Online casino gamble happens to be the latest trend in the global arena and has taken the world by storm almost. Lots of studies do consider that the online casino gamble community has developed to turn into a great segment of the gambling pie.

If you do not believe in these things, just look at all directions and you will find the reality straight away. Millions of gamblers (and the number is increasing steadily) are turning to online gambling being a harmless and amusing way to expend a few bucks, together with a chance to get hundreds or thousands dollars in reply. But never try to make the same as a career. None has been able to maintain a handsome livelihood thus far through becoming a committed player in online casino gamble. If you have any such thought, it’s better to dump the same at this point in time.

Now your next question might be is the same safe or not. Truly speaking, online casino gambling is as safe as playing in a regular casino. What’s more, it’s not only easier but is free to set up an account also (at the same time). From this point the real test of yours starts. You have got to develop a good strategy for the game to be played before long. Through this you can both revel in the casino game and trounce others.

Everything You Need To Know About Online Roulette

Roulette is a casino game common throughout the world. It has existed for generations and has now progressed to appear online casinos online. However, this change has changed. Play online roulette play in person at a physical casino are two completely different things. The main difference is that he has a real chance of winning big games of roulette, much more than they do in a casino. There are several reasons behind this online roulette. This is a basic software and can handle several Paris a large number of people simultaneously. This ensures that you can bet in rapid succession without having to wait for anyone. It is also easier to focus on because you play in the comfort of your own home. There is no one to distract you. You do not have to dress up and pay for drinks. Do not go anywhere.

All these factors mean that you can work on a strategy that helps you win the game without losing the chance to start. There have been several cases, for beginners to get a generous and some of the advantages that have made great roulette games online. However, the same people would be very bad and a physical casino, because the same strategies that simply do not work there. They also could be expelled. Therefore, we believe that strategies for learning how to play roulette online, online only. Test in Las Vegas to earn money. The basic rule to remember is that you should not repeat the same online casino too often. Having space for 24 hours of training you get a better chance of winning. Then other people run the system for you and increase your chances of scoring.

Another rule is that you do not bet big. Start with a small amount of money and not in Paris. Collect your winnings to build a small cache of this wheel is fully effective. In this way, you can play with a cache that is dedicated to that and not take risks with their main source of income. Many people were known only to win at roulette online, but are long and not part of that. So be patient and build up reserves before playing in many casinos and Paris. Some basic drop safes apply to all forms of gambling. Do not touch the money you can not afford to lose. This includes mortgage payments, the money to pay bills, buy food, etc. Always start small and move in Paris and growing.

The Most Powerful Online Roulette Strategies

Roulette is a game of pure chance. On the Internet you can find a lot of roulette systems and strategies, which claim they are the best and can beat any side of the house. One thing is certain, that can never overcome the house advantage, because if you can not make any sense, or play online casinos in particular.

A lot of people playing roulette follow-up of all the issues that have arisen in previous games. However, roulette strategy is the same as the biggest mistake that should be avoided by all players.

The reason is clear. Because the law of chance, each number of falls in the long run and allows the roulette strategy online to create equal opportunities for each number of falls. This makes the player to continue betting on a single number on several occasions.

Roulette strategy online means nothing more than playing with ratios of profit and loss, a time when it can be a blessing and a curse in another. This means that the more you will earn more, you should be aware of the loss.

The fact that is known not only in the game of roulette is that it is very difficult for a person to crawl off the table after winning several times. With roulette strategy roulette winning all the loose ends in terms of continuous playback. It becomes more difficult for a player leaves the table with each new victory and the extra money. For this reason it is so important that we must finish the online roulette session after reaching a certain level. This level must be established before you start playing.

Play roulette, you must also know that the table is divided into three orders of 1-34, 2-35 and 3-36. The youngest of eight red and four black items. Strategy is to make a single chip on red and two chips of the first (1-34) and two rows of chips per second (2-35) line. Here’s how it works.

It is always advisable to follow the strategy of online roulette relatively safe for the loss of a predetermined amount and the hope of winning at least half. You must be willing to take risks when playing online roulette contrary to their expectations to win every time you play online roulette can be experienced as the worst nightmare. That’s why it is always advisable to create an online roulette strategy for long-term plan.

Why double or nothing approach can be powerful in online roulette?

This procedure bets speaks for itself, yes, it is of extreme gaming and crosses the line are for moderate play. If you take a real opportunity to realize the method, but if he pays, pays very well for you.

There are certain influences that we can do, when the double-or-nothing scenario is an online casino, so if you’re going to try this dangerous method to make money, at least do it with a guide. This article explains the best way possible, which is made twice-or-nothing roulette wheel model.

If and when you catch the right action, can double or nothing for the extreme value to bankroll thousands of dollars in case. You see more value for what it is and see the principles in place, as this system can be very powerful.

The best way to play a routine double roulette

When we consider how the roulette gambling online, or talk about odd and even numbers, or using color, black and red. There are basically trying to increase the value of the driving seat at 100 percent every time.

So how can we get involved with such a dangerous and survive. After all, every moment we could lose everything.

Ok, here is a method of dual wheel or anything, that the practice may be much more effective when the money is considered.

Routine is needed to survive an extra two or roulette ends

First, let’s go with the colors and get the show on the road. Remember all online roulette games, you must establish an operating margin of around 25 percent of success. So if we enter our roulette game with $ 40.00, our profit margin is 25 percent, to $ 50.00, we get as fast as we can, then repeat the process.

So, first of all, I bet ten percent of my $ 40.00, so $ 4.00 to red, if you press the red, then up to $ 44.00 and we are well on your way to the edge. Now, if we lose, that’s what we do.

You should increase your next bet 50 percent if it wins, then your losing bet from previously retrieved by half, if she loses, again increase by 50 percent. As the Martingale system, you are always paris after the loss, so a victory will be back to cover part of the same loss and help support your efforts games.

The trick to use 50 percent reduction, is that your bankroll can live twice as long as if it were a reduction of 100 percent. This gives you more time to target profit margin.